unexpected productivity

I had an unexpectedly productive day, cleaning and organizing. 

(Put away a few weeks worth of clean laundry! Cleaned up the messy pile that's been at the foot of my bed since I unpacked the last regular box in the bedroom! Vacuumed!)

Which was all very strange, considering I had awful (hormonal) insomnia last night and am super tired. 

And if course, there's still so much to do (all from that messy pile that's now organized) I feel strange bragging about my productivity. 

(Handwashing. Sock darning. A few shirts I might want to mend or dye.  Two and half boxes of "office stuff" to sort through.)

But it'll happen. Or not. None of it is pressing. That's why it's on the unexpectedly productive list to begin with.

I also did the dishes but that was not unexpected so it doesn't belong on the same list. Dishes get done every day. Even though we have no ants this high up, they still get done on the regular. Because food molds and that's gross and I'm not fifteen anymore.

I'm 42 and I'm excited that the foot of my bed isn't a mess anymore. 


Time for early bedtime. 

(Please, hormones, cooperate.)