attempting my most minimal packing ever

We're of for a conference/ wedding trip this (long) weekend and I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off or not, but I'm seting myself a goal with my packing, too take only one underseater bag. That's it. Not a carry on and a personal item. Just a personal item. Just because, it's a challenge. I like challenges. 

(And I booked basic economy for our tickets to California next month. So this is a test run for that trip.)

I may not be able to do it this trip, since where we're going is colder than here. Not by much, but enough. But, I have a plan. 

(I'll wear my bulkier items on the plane, pack even more minimally than I usually do, and roll everything up in ziplock bags to squeeze the air out. Yes, that's vs extent of my plan. Genius, right? Right.)

I'll report back tomorrow. 

(Assuming there's wifi onboard and I'm not overwhelming tired because of anxiety/ insomnia.)