dealing with (bare branches)

so many of the trees are bare now. 

the sunset (which comes so very early every day now) is over an almost bare, brown mountain. 

and that's the hardest part of winter for me - coming from California, where winter is our greenest time of year, I'm used to the brown season being warm (which makes up for the lack of color in the hills). here, we get cold and gray and brown, all at once and there's no making up for any of it, except in how we cope with it all. 

and there's the key to the entire puzzle. how I cope. 

I can't stop winter. (I wouldn't want to try, except to remove myself from it, geographically, as we will next year, if  sabbatical happens.) 

I can only choose how I deal with winter. 

(and so I will. with hygge and swants and forest bathing and nightly baths.)