november blossoming

I drive past these fruit trees everyday, picking R up from school. And this week, out of the blue, there are a few blossoms scattered here and there on the trees. 

I don't know if they're normally late bloomers (there are a few varieties of autumn blooming cherry trees) or if our unusually warm autumn is confusing the trees (like the ones I saw bloom last January during that weird warm spell). 

One thing I do know, they're beautiful. So I put the 20mm lens (that I'm thinking about selling* bc it is so damn slow) on my gm5 and I set the focus to manual and I took enough photos that I felt like the trees had been done justice. Because beauty. 


* I am actually tempted to sell the gm5 as well and my entire set of lenses and move to a "premium point and shoot" so that I only have one camera but I went to go look at the Canon G1x mii today and it felt so heavy I just couldn't. If I ever do make a decision, I'll write more about it.