reflections (waiting)

it takes approximately five minutes to drive to school. I usually get there between five and ten minutes early and then I wait. 

I'm good at waiting. I've been doing it my whole life. waiting for the bus, waiting for practice to be over. waiting for my child to fall asleep. waiting for our next trip. 

(less than three weeks now! ZOMG SQUEE!)

waiting for school to be over. waiting for dinner. waiting for the next presidential election. 

oh yes, I am good at that kind of waiting. I have strategies. I have distractions. 

(don't look at the madman behind the curtain. call the FCC instead!)

I bring my kindle. I read, or I play solitaire (did you know you can play solitaire on the kindle paperwhite? yes, yes you can.)

but here's the thing. I am, by nature, impatient. 

(OK, maybe that's a human thing.)

I cultivate patience, so that I can wait when it is unavoidable. so one thing I don't do is wait when I don't need to. I don't cultivate patience for the sake of delaying gratification. but M does. 

M can be super impatient about waiting when it's necessary. 

(his go to is complaining via text, it's pretty funny.)

right now there's a package in the house with a brand new (to him) electronic gadget, and he's not even going to open it until the weekend. 

I literally can't, even. 

there's no way I would wait that long to open any package, let alone something fun and gadgety!

yes, our waiting practices are so vastly different. 

(cultivating patience in delayed gratification vs cultivating the ability to adapt to the necessary annoyances of modern day living.)

the funny thing is, waiting for him to unbox his new gadget is also a necessary annoyance, so I'll continue practicing (my style of) patience. and let him practice his.