December Reflections

most years I follow along with Susannah Conway's December Reflections prompts. this year, I'm not nearly as active on instagram as I have been, so the first few days of December got away from me. I meant to catch up today and then I thought, why not blog it instead? woo-hoo, let's do this!

catching up:

day one: early 

I show up early to almost anything, unless I'm running late, which I try my best not to do much. 

I don't wake up early. unless I do.

the day D&S got married I woke up before everyone else in our cabin and went for a short photo walk in the woods. I couldn't get back to sleep after having to (walk out to the washroom cabin to) pee because there was too much light outside. 

day two: red 

Remy's favorite color used to be red, but now it's black. 

I own the most fabulous red ruffle pants that I can't wear often enough bc they're not warm enough for winter and are too long for summer. still, on the just right days they're fantastic. 

there weren't enough bright red leaves this year because we had such a warm autumn. climate change is real. 

day three: the best day of 2017

is yet to come. (we're going to California in two weeks!)

the days we got to see B in Vancouver. (too few, too few, I miss her.)

the day the sale of our house was finalized. 

the day we moved into our new apartment. the sunset here, and the bathtub. and the not having to rake leaves or cut the lawn or shovel snow. 

(also, I really like the layout. and we're a step closer to sabbatical next year, knock on wood.)