sixth night: prepared

today, I broke my semi-longstanding tradition of not packing until the very last minute, because I need to get extra sleep tonight, so I'm going to bed early. 

[side note that I'll hopefully have more to write about later: I bought a pair of sleep headphones in a headband style so I could see if playing white noise before I go to sleep would help me get to sleep faster. I've been having that insomnia where it takes me hours to fall asleep after I get ready for bed. Not fun. I've only had the headband two nights now, but so far the answer is yes, it seems to help. fingers crossed it will keep helping.]

R and I are flying united basic economy, so we only get one free personal item each. I managed to get all our clothes (and his Wizarding robe) in one suitcase, which I'll check (for a fee). 

[side note: we'll most likely be separated on the flight. that's basic economy. we're prepared. R will have everything he needs in his backpack. he's eleven. he doesn't need me. it was a crazy good deal on tickets. we'll see how it goes. I think the red eye home will be trickier (because we need to sleep on that flight and I don't sleep well on planes) but I think it will work out in the end. we'll see.]

I'm already grateful to my self of a few weeks ago for deciding against my first idea (to go straight to universal studios after our flight arrives) because I know I will not be up for that tomorrow. instead, we're going tues/wed and driving up to the bay area on thursday. tomorrow will be a travel and chill day. a day to prepare for theme park madness. I'm really excited!