poeming and books and randomness



today I read Binti: Home, which is a) the first book I've read in 2018,  b) the first (fiction) book I've read since October (I did read a few short stories in November, and a non-fiction book or two) and most importantly  c) one of my new favorite books. 

Binti: The Night Masquerade is loaded into my kindle for tomorrow. 

(I'm. so. excited. I had to plan out when to start it based on when I'd be able to finish it in one go. it's a novella, but if I started it tonight I'd have to read until 3 or 4 am and I just can't do that to myself right now.)

book droughts are weird for me. it wasn't as if I didn't try to read - I had books I was really looking forward to, in fact. but autumn was hard. last year was hard. (that's not really getting all that better, the state of the world is scary and traumatic beyond measure, but maybe I'm getting better at remembering to disconnect and take care of myself, somehow.) 

and being in this wonderful new apartment is amazing, but at the same time, lonely. and my depression and anxiety about the world makes me withdraw from my support systems. like reading, which brings me joy and hope. 

and sometimes it's just because the books I really want to read are on hold (or haven't been published). 

(I'd been waiting for Binti: Home since October. and the new book was just published last week - I think I was one of the first people to recommend it to my online library, hence my lack of a wait.)

so book droughts are weird. 

and I am happy to have ended this one.