waning new waxing

that tiny sliver of moon. waning new waxing. new to full, full to new. on and on. 

in this waxing towards summer, I'm spending a few days organizing my digital archives. 

making snippet videos with one second a day. which is my 365 project this year, a video a day. I'm not sharing them yet. maybe at the end of each month. maybe never. I wanted a 365 that was mostly, if not all, for myself. an actual personal project. I don't think I would have kept it up if I'd done that from the start, but this many years in, that's what I need now. a private 365. it feels right. 

I'm inside a lot because it's cold, so I'm keeping up with cleaning the house. sweeping. 

taking baths. dying my kid's hair. getting ready to dye my own, ombre. 

knitting myself a hat with yarn I bought years ago. 

remembering to listen to a lot of music. 

remembering the world is turning and winter is receding. spring is coming. 

wearing my swants in the meantime. 

this is januarying.