all the things we hope, then trust, we'll do


yes, it's true. we finally got the final confirmation: my brilliant M has gotten sabbatical for the 18-19 academic year!!!!!

(my facebook post had a lot more exclamation points, obviously. I'm still not sure there's enough. lol)

what this means, exactly, is that after our lease runs out this summer, we'll put our stuff into storage, sell off our smaller mini cooper (silver. we've loved you so.) pack only what we can carry in our mini countryman (possibly with a pod on the top?) and set off for an entire year, traveling.

oh, yes. this will be a nomadic sabbatical. we're traveling!

(some of our destinations will be outside this continent and for those, we will likely travel as we have always traveled: carry on.)

a year sabbatical, going to a multitude of places where my husband will conduct interviews with important and influential people in his field. (and then possibly a relaxing, cheaper, great weather place where he'll be able to buckle down and write this book.)

right now, our plan is to stay in each location where he'll do interviews for a week or three.

(depending on how many universities/ people there are in that particular area.)

we don't have it mapped out in anything more than the simplest geographical outline (which works out to when the weather will be at its best). we have ideas, but they're definitely subject to change. we each have desires, too, but those are also subject to a variety of independent variables.

(including funding. we're still waiting to see if my husband gets the extra funding he's applied for.)

omg, yes, this is it. this is the big dream we've had for at least two years now.

(and before that, in different variations.)

yes. please. thank you.