going to the water

it's still February. 

February is hard. it's cold and gray and while the light is returning, it isn't warm enough to take my socks off yet. there's grief at both ends. I survive. one of my favorite ways to survive is to make art. 

(this is an #archivallex - taking me now (teal and purple hair) and an image I made in Peru, sunset in the Andes as we were driving back to the coast to the Pacific, who I miss.)

this weekend, we'll be at the Atlantic coast and I'm happy to be going back to the beach, even though it isn't the same. (in some ways. in others, it is. water is water. salt is salt. sand is sand.)

it will still be somewhat cold but there will be sand and water and back at the hotel, an indoor pool with a hot tub. 

yes, please, thank you.