trust in the process

I'm not going to blog out of should anymore. that was last year, when I needed a year to reclaim my hope and remember why I loved my blog (as an archive and as a sounding board). this year I trust that the words that come will come. and it will be at the right time. (as long as I make it a point to keep practicing and to letting the words come. not keeping them bottled up.)

so I'm not interested in not writing, either. or letting myself get to the end of the day and think there's nothing to write about. there's too much to write about. always. 

(I have miles and miles of unwritten or at the very least unshared stories.)

and I'm never giving up this self portrait practice, even if it's no longer adamantly daily. or the double exposure making (unless I move on to a different visual style). 

winter isn't my favorite. but I have survived and I keep on surviving. 

art helps. writing helps. hikes on fairly temperate days help. baths help a lot. 

planning some not-cold traveling helps, too, and I've been indulging in that this week. 

(going away for a four day weekend down the coast to maybe slightly better weather? yes, please, thank you.)