troubleshooting win because the world is too painful

the world is too much today. 

(february is the month I was held hostage during an attempted robbery. gun violence is so very triggering. I have to shelter myself from the latest mass shooting today, so I'm writing about something completely superfluous and shallow. it doesn't mean I don't care; it means I care too much. the only way we can end these massacres is through gun control. call your representatives.)

so because I can't deal with Facebook today, I decided to try the best new feature on my new (refurbished*) smart watch: playing spotify!

(music is calming and so very helpful.)

wait, let's back up, because I never told you I was buying a new smart watch. (I hinted at it last week, but that's not the same.)

since February is already stressful enough for me (the beginning of the month is the anniversary of my miscarriage), and researching electronic gadgets is somewhat calming, I've spent the last two weeks looking at smart watches. at first I was looking them thinking I might buy one as a Valentine’s Day present for M, but he told me he wasn’t at all interested in wearing a watch anymore, and encouraged me to get one for myself instead, since I was getting excited by the possibility of these cool gadgets. 

(to recap my connected watch journey, I started off with a Misfit Shine 2 two years ago and when it started going wonky last year, I switched to a Fitbit Charge 2 because it had a heart rate monitor. I really liked the Charge, except for two things: it isn’t waterproof, and the shape was not as pleasing as a round watch and the corners made it uncomfortable to wear around my ankle to sleep. I got used to it, but it wasn't the best. 

 I contemplated staying with Fitbit, but the even bigger rectangular shape of the Ionic was really unappealing, so I kept researching possibilities.  

the Garmin Vivoactive 3 seemed like it might work, but it didn’t have any onboard storage space for music (which is a feature I really like from the apple and android watches, even though none of those would work because of battery life). 

so I kept looking. and then on Sunday, I finally figured it out: the Samsung Gear Sport. 

(which only recently started working with ios.)

waterproof, check. round face, check. decent battery life, check. and here was the real kicker, the best part, the feature I had been looking for: it supports Spotify playlist downloading. which means I can save some storage space on my phone when we travel. 

(the only other not-phone/tablet/computer device that does that is the Mighty (not an affiliate link), which also looks cool, but seems like I might easily lose it.)

and so I made a decision and ordered myself a smart watch. 

my refurbished watch arrived yesterday and I set it up, but I didn’t get a chance to stream any music until this morning. 

and then I ran into a snag. which would have been a possible deal breaker: I couldn’t get the gear to connect to my Bluetooth speaker. 

I looked around online. I briefly chatted with a Samsung tech. everything I could find was telling me that the device I had bought, for this exact feature, was unusable with my Bluetooth speaker (that it only pairs with headsets). 

this seemed really weird and annoying to me. so I kept googling. and weirdly, while watching a YouTube video of someone pairing a totally different watch to speakers, something clicked and I realized that maybe it would work if I unpaired the speakers from my phone and then pressed the pairing buttons(s). 

and what do you know? it worked! 

troubleshooting, for the win. tenacity, for the win. 

being distracted from the (horrific) news of the day, for the win. 

(ps: the Samsung tech had no idea. I almost returned the watch just because he said it wouldn’t work, even though he also said he’d pass my request on. I might also have not been pushing the correct pairing buttons before, so I’ll experiment to see if I really do need to unpair the device from my phone, too.) 

* I tend to buy mostly refurbished electronics. they're cheaper, for one thing, but it also seems like a lower environmental cost, to keep what would have been trash (defective) from being waste.