mini(van) epiphany

we used our date day lunch to talk a little about cars today. 

we're a two mini family right now. our big car - copper - is a '13 countryman, and our little car - silver - is a '10 cooper. 

we had already decided to sell silver this summer, before we embark on our semi-nomadic sabbatical year. 

I've been thinking a lot about what we need to take with us, vs what we want to have. I looked at RVs for awhile this week, getting a sense of how we could make that work. (M doesn't like the idea, but I needed to get the research of it out of my system, I think.)

we were talking about outside the car storage ideas for the countryman when suddenly I thought, wait, what if we sell both cars and buy a bigger car? that hadn't occurred to me. 

an afternoon of research later, I'm thinking there's a serious chance we might end up buying a minivan. 

having the mazda 5 got me over my intense desire to never own a minivan (it really was a mini minivan, with the sliding doors and third row). and I loved that car until we moved here and it just started falling apart because it couldn't handle winter. 

so yeah. a minivan. potentially, like, a proper one. which it turns out, is kinda exciting for me! 

(wish we could afford the pacifica hybrid! maybe we'll get lucky and find a used one at a great price.)

I think we'll also test drive the prius v, just to see. (it has twice the cargo space of our countryman, which might be enough.)

who knows. but it's good to look at the options. 

(wish we could afford the tesla x. other than potentially not having enough charging stations in the middle of the country, that would make an excellent nomadic year car. sigh.)