this week in gratitude

this last snow storm (on wednesday) was a doozy here. lots of wet, heavy snow which caused many power outages. we were really lucky and only lost power for about thirty minutes, but Remy's school lost power for a day, giving us an extra snow day (fun!), so we all went to the mall on a costco/ video arcade run. 

the snow piles in the parking lot gave us an idea of the scope of the storm. 

and oh, how that made me appreciate our covered parking spots (and lack of outdoor space to shovel) so very much. 

winter, for me, is definitely easier to handle without any snow removal responsibilities. 

thank you, last year me, and last year M, and last year R, (and everyone else who helped out so very much!), for this gift. I know selling the house was tough, but it was worth it. it was all so worth it. thank you.