this ebb, this flow

let's try this.

(typing on the laptop, adding photos later, on my ipad.)

May is buzzing by so quickly - soon my beloved tween will be 12 years old

(12! - how. does. this. happen? -- time. moves. so. quickly! --- and. yet. so. slowly. sometimes.)

April seemed like the slowest month this year, because winter did not want to let go. holding on, holding on. so many chilly and grey days. and yet, eventually, spring arrived anyway. the last week and a half have been amazing. spring! really and truly. 

right now the dogwood are blooming. and there are still some cherry blossoms and magnolias, although mostly not. and there's trees all in various stages of leafing. green, everywhere. 

and yes, my eyes itch/ are feeling sensitive.

(I'm on enough antihistamines that they're really only feeling sensitive, not quite itchy. oh, antihistamines. thank you.)

quick as I know, spring will turn to summer and in less than two months, I'll be in knee deep in preparation mode, packing up and moving all our stuff into storage for a year while we go on sabbatical. 

right now, I'm still in the first stage of prep mode. research. thinking things through. putting together timelines.

continuing to declutter.

I'd rather not store stuff I really don't want to keep long term. and while I went through a lot of decluttering last year, when we sold our last house and moved into this slightly smaller apartment, there's more I'm ready to let go of again. I let go of my books last month. I did the first pass through my printed photographs. unsurprisingly, there were so many double prints and not right prints. that first pass was easy - toss all the ones that didn't hook me. the second pass will be tougher, as I digitize my old photos.

(after trying a couple of different methods, what's working best is to use the google app, photo scan, on my ipad. I may or may not write a longer post about this process, depending on how I feel after the project is done. I was surprised that that method, taking a photo of a photo with an algorithm that fixes the glare, was better than my scanner, but it was. and easier.)

right now, I'm still looking at things with an eye towards making the transition into full time slow traveling (for an entire year!) easier. 

I splurged and bought myself a new (to me, via ebay) kindle oasis. reading is one of my pleasures in life, and wow, what a difference a lighter, more advanced kindle makes.

R (who has been enjoying the switch from guitar to piano in the last few months) is getting a DJ board for his birthday. (we already have a smaller travel size synthesizer which I'm hoping we can bring along on our trip.) we probably won't have room for a guitar in the car, so I'm hoping M will bring his mandolin. or buy a ukulele. we'll see. right now he isn't thinking about it because the end of the semester is frenetic.

and I'm thinking about my writing, and my photography practice.

this one year is different from all the years that came before, but at the same time, it is simply a continuation of my life, as it is. so while there's good reasons to keep a separate sabbatical journal (blog), there's also good reasons to keep writing here.

and if I decide to keep a second blog, where? I'm thinking about patreon, a little.

(I've started using it to follow some of my friends and I enjoy it a lot, being able to give a small amount of thanks every month to people who I find inspiring.)

but mostly, right now, I'm trying to be present. 

we're playing games and taking hikes. I'm going out to take photos of the spring blossoms. I'm trying to up my step count little by little.

this is the stillness before the storm.

(even when the storm is desired, it is still a storm.)

ebb and flow.

this is ebb. this is flow. this is my ebb and flow.