our just right level of adventure

for M's birthday weekend adventure, we went white water rafting!

it was so much fun!!!! a just right way to introduce Remy to something M and I used to do, in our teens/ twenties. 

in our thirties, we weren't near rapids and we had had a baby, so we took up inner tubing, which is also fun, but way more chillax. we needed more chillax adventure in our thirties. but now that we're in our forties - and Remy is almost a teen - more exciting and arduous adventure is calling.

I'm trusting that the adventure we need will be the adventure we find. chillax or arduous. 

(talk about arduous: I'm still rather sore, three days later. wow. shoulder muscles. wow. glutes. I reminded myself that yoga would help and it did, yay!)