trust: decision-making

we nearly bought another Mini. 

the newer models of the Countryman and the Clubman both had roomier trunk space than the early model Countryman we owned. we decided we could make it work. we made an offer for one car, it was rebuffed. (and then we decided against spending that much anyway, when the next day our offer was met. my husband is good at negotiating, but after a day to think about it, we could see it wasn't the right car for us.)  

none of the Minis we saw seemed to work out. 

I branched out. kept looking. kept researching. we test drove a few great gas mileage getters, but they weren't fun. (or were slightly too expensive.)

and then I found it. our new car. a station wagon with great gas mileage. (slightly better than the Mini, in fact.)

a 2016 VW golf sportswagen. 

we've affectionately nicknamed it Wolfie. 

(pronounced the German away, with a vw obviously.)

we went to sign the final paperwork and bring Wolfie home today. and left Copper at the dealership, where I hope it will be bought by someone who loves it as much as we did. 

please, please, please. thank you. 

Wolfie is very comfortable. not as sporty, or "go kart" y as driving a Mini, but not like driving a boat like SUV, either. it's just the right middle ground. 

and the panoramic sun roof makes me swoon. 

(so much of my anxiety was relieved after we made this decision. I knew we needed the right car for this year long adventure. I was worried we wouldn't find it. but we listen to each other. and we figure things out. that's what we do.)