our nomadic sabbatical year has begun!!!!!

(after the movers carefully packed almost all our stuff into a 10x10 storage unit, we still have space left.)

this past week was a lot of sorting, packing, and cleaning. it was a lot. overwhelming and anxiety provoking and I didn't get much sleep.

(I also would have potentially gotten glutened twice, eating out, but my Nima Sensor saved me. even very celiac friendly places have cross contamination risks. nothing is perfect. I am so grateful not to have the added injury of glutening onto this already stressful week!)

in the end, all our hard work paid off. our adventure year has begun!

(we took an R&R weekend with B to unwind after the stress of putting everything into storage. it is much needed. we have nothing planned, except sleeping as much as possible. whew! moving is a lot of work. and this kind of move, with so many unknown/ unknowable variables? wow. yeah. even more stressful, to me. but it is done and I am extremely proud of all of us.)