one year/ one week/ one day

in one day, we'll be doing what we're doing today, continuing to cross things off our list, getting ready for our epic sabbatical year. 

in one week, the movers come and our entire apartment (aside from what stays with us in the station wagon) goes into storage. and just like that, sabbatical will begin. 

in one year, we will be transitioning back into stay-in-one-place life (give or take a month - we have no firm "return" date, only that we know we want a little cushion before sabbatical ends and the school year begins). 


one day ago, we went to the mall for vision checks, firmed up plans with the moving company, got the papers for our virtual mailbox notorized and sent, and then did as little as possible for the rest of the evening. 

one week ago, R and I helped B move half her stuff to Pennsylvania. we took selfies on the Appalachian trail, chatted with her advisors and drove about eight hours, "there and back again."

one year ago, we did some last minute "repairs" to our former house, to get it to closing condition for the new owners, and packed for our Peruvian adventure, which began the next day with a long day of traveling. even though closing was delayed by a few weeks (instead of closing during the first days of our adventure, they closed on the last days of our three weeks in Peru), that last evening was indeed the last time we spent at that house. which was, really, the first concrete steps we took on this making-sabbatical-happen journey. 


reminding myself: even when the days seem like they're oh-so-similar, great big adventures happen all around us. because we choose to make them happen. because we take the steps that make them happen. (because we are privileged enough that we can make them happen.)

and even when the steps are difficult (it really isn't easy to move, let alone sell a house), it's all worth it, because this is the life we want. a life of adventuring together. 

one day, one week, one year at a time.