trust: added value

I've been trying to keep this blog as an archive, which works best when I write every day. (The past six and a half months have been spotty, since I needed a break after the year-of-blogging-every-day 365 project, which was very intense.)

And I've been wanting to share my thoughts with the world about our travels and that also works best when I write every day.

I've been wanting to add in some monetization, so that I can feel like I'm contributing to my family. (In ways other than the obvious, and emotionally and physically huge, "I do a lot of the daily kid stuff and family working things.") My husband has started joking again about, "when you sell your movie script, we can..." And yes, I have the time (and sometimes the energy) to start thinking about things like that again.

Really what it comes down to is what is valued? Is my writing valued? Are my photographs valued? What do I value? My writing? My photographs? My art? My time?

I know my intrinsic worth. I am not worried anymore about my innate value.

(I am enough. In and of myself.)

This is about added value. And is a question I've pondered many a time here on this very blog.

This question naturally arises as children age and reach stages where they don't necessarily seem to need or value their parents as much as they used to. A lot of my stay-at-home friends went back to school or work after their children reached toddlerhood or school age or the teen years. Kids need less and less of us and so we start to think about who we are, what we do, what we love. What we think we're good at and want to do more of.

(I rededicated myself to blogging, and then to photography, after an earlier such stage. This is natural progression.)

I've been thinking about Patreon, after having become a patron to several friends and social justice writers. It's an interesting platform. Unlike monetizing blogs, there's no advertising involved.

(I hate advertising and have resisted monetizing my blog for years and years because I do not want to place ads here.)

One thing I was thinking about, was keeping this year's travel blog separate on Patreon. But I don't think that's a great idea, because then it's behind a paywall, which isn't equable. On the other hand, the little wrap up posts I've become accustomed to writing on Facebook aren't blog appropriate (because they give too much personal information). So maybe putting those on Patreon and continuing to blog here would be doable. But then, that's a lot of writing.

We leave in one week.


I'd love to think I'm going to have the spoons to write a ton everyday for the next year (in addition to the above, I've been going back to morning pages/ journal writing again, ala Julia Cameron/ Natalie Goldberg/ my years of personal writing practice) but I just don't know that that's practical.

What is doable, on Patreon, is sending postcards and letters. Physical momentos of this year of travel. And I think people like that kind of thing. I certainly like receiving and sending that kind of thing.

(I haven't set it up yet. I'll link to it when I have. If I end up doing it.)