from MA to CA to RI to MA again

WaterFire in Providence

it's been an epic few weeks!

first we were in Northern California (for a family birthday party and then a celebration of life service for a family friend) and then after we flew back, we stayed in Providence, Rhode Island for five days.

now we're back in the Boston area.

sunset at WaterFire festival

being on the road (and in California) has been working out well so far. we're getting good Airbnbs and it's been a good mix of getting work done (my main jobs this year are booking our travel and setting Remy up with his online schooling - which we are doing through Acullus Academy) and having time to explore. 

Providence was a lot cooler than any of us expected - between all the HP Lovecraft/ Cthulhu connections, RISD and the WaterFire, we had a really nice time. 

the golden gate bridge, shrouded in fog

as with life, things aren't always smooth on the road, though. 

we accidentally left our GPS in California and it's been something of a comedy of errors trying to get it back. (with luck, we'll go pick it up tomorrow. mailing it via general mail did not work, so we ended up finding a friend of our extended family who was willing to let us use their address.)

then yesterday, our car got damaged as M was backing it up into the parking space at this airbnb. nothing major, but dealing with it has been annoying. 

and on top of this, for the last two weeks, I've been having a lot of reflux, which is super unpleasant. (I mostly have what's called silent reflux, or LPR, where the acid is in my throat, causing a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.)

a blurry Mt Tam sunset photo

still, in all of this, we are thankful and happy to be on the road. this journey really is something not many families get to do and we are grateful.

our GPS is going to get back to us, eventually. (and until then, I have been using my phone.)

we have insurance and they're covering the repairs to the car and the rental car while the work gets done. 

and I know this reflux episode will pass. I bit the bullet and stopped drinking coffee today bc even the low acid, cold brewed coffee I use is too much right now. I'm going to cut back on dairy and carbs and see if that helps, too. and once this current heat wave passes, I'll get back to walking/ hiking. 

Long Pond at Middlesex Fells Reservation

next week, we're off to New Hampshire for our 19th anniversary weekend (that's mind-boggling to me, since we were 19 when we met!) and then M has one last interview in Boston before we head up to Montreal. 

(there are so many interviews here in this area because Harvard literally collects famous professors like it's their business. which it is, I suppose. lol)

and then we are going back to the Tdot. ah, Toronto. I've missed you. 

somewhere near Tufts, I think

meanwhile. we're in a rental car until our station wagon is fixed. 

meanwhile, we're navigating through this journey, one moment at a time. 

meanwhile, I'm chewing a lot of gum to keep the sour taste out of my mouth. 

the grill at my step MIL's birthday bash

adendum:  it took me all day before I hit publish on this post, bc we had to go pick up the rental car and then the wifi went out for a few hours because Verizon was fixing something... anyway, the sour taste in my mouth is finally starting to abate! it was drinking non acid reduced coffee that started this episode, so it makes sense that I needed to lay off it. I'm still going to try to reduce carbs and dairy and see where that gets me, but I'm happy I'm about to go to bed tonight and I don't feel like I need to chew gum in my sleep.