introducing my patreon!

yes, I finally took the plunge and created my own Patreon page!!!!

(and then promptly had a fit of post creation shame/ a vulnerability hangover about it, started writing this post and then didn't get back to it for a whole week. sigh.)

here's what I'm doing on Patreon, for now:

* at the basic $1 a month level, I'll be posting some of my writing solely on Patreon. I expect that it will include things like poetry, musings on this semi-nomadic traveling life (especially planning issues which can't go out to the general public) and maybe all the kvetching that I don't like to do here. travel life isn't 24/7 bliss, after all. it's life, traveling. good, bad, ugly, blissful.

I'll continue writing here and on Facebook/Instagram, this will be yet another stream of my writing.

(I'll may re-release this Patreon writing after the sabbatical year has ended. possibly as a book. we'll see.)

* for higher monetary levels, there will be physical rewards!

          * I'm sending one postcard a month to anyone who signs up at the $3 tier (or higher).
          * I'm sending one letter a month to those who sign up at the $10 tier (or higher).
          * I'm sending one little package of treasures a month to those who sign up for my top tier at                   $18.

exciting, amirite? I love getting snail mail and thought you might enjoy it, too!

(I have limited the number of physical rewards to a doable number, so that I don't get overwhelmed by it. not that I think my Patreon will do so well that I get overwhelmed - I am not doing this for the numbers, but for the connection! still, I know myself and I know I need to make sure I can deliver. this way, I know I will be able to do so.)

since Patreon is a monthly support platform for artists, writers and creative folks, you can sign up at anytime in the month, but will only be charged for what level you are on the first of each month. you can sign up at a higher or lower tier and then switch to a different tier at any point. for this reason, I'm going to be sending packages only after that month's support has been sent to me by Patreon.

if you want a postcard from a specific place in my journeys, you can totally let me know and I'll send those at any point. (postcards and letters being easy to pop into a mailbox, whereas packages require I actually go to the post office.)

another caveat with the physical rewards is that mailing to someone outside the USA will probably require extra postage. I need to check on how to deal with that before someone from - let's say - Canada or England signs up.

I might also have to raise my tier prices momentarily when we go abroad, to cover the fees, or wait until we get back to the States to mail packages. I'll figure it out as we go.

(I also might raise my tier rates if at any point I realize that I vastly underestimated how much my supplies will cost. we'll see! I don't need to make a lot of money on this project, but I also don't want to be losing money!)