a new series: live beyond fear

so the past few days have been... interesting. 

this weekend, I recieved a notice that the person who was convicted of the attempted robbery (that I was held hostage and used as a human shield during) will be applying for clemency from the governor of California. 

(for the record, I approve of clemency in this case, as I believed, even at the time, that the original sentence was far too harsh.)

still. there's a difference between wishing a person well, generally (and bring ok with and even hoping for their early release) and the feelings that are brought up by remembered trauma. 

it took me a day or two to process before I realized I needed to art it out. 

I started this series with collages from screen captured magazines. models with their faces blanked out by the sky, above a ground of water reflecting sky, with the words, "live beyond fear" underneath. I've made six of these images now (some with a different overlay) and I'm really happy with this series. 

today, I decided to make one of me, of a self image I took specifically for this project. I'm not sure if this is the culmination, the halfway point, the end. I'm not sure how many more of these I'll feel like I need/want to make. 

this is what I needed today. 

to remember that I am, indeed, living beyond fear.