(almost) on the road again

pretty soon we will have completed three months (1/4) of this #nomadicsabbatical adventure. whoa.

I spent this morning looking at routes to get from our next stops (in Wisconsin) to SLC. I'll have to keep a keen eye on the weather forecast, but I think we can manage to visit both Dakotas and possibly a national park or two on our way.

(or maybe just the Mall of America and Deadwood? we'll see.)

the Dakotas are my penultimate new continental US state destinations, so they're my personal priority, although the weather could still derail my plans. if we do manage to go, I'll only need to visit Arkansas and Alaska to have been to every US state! R has  few more states left that he's never been, and M has already been to every continental US state already, I think. I doubt we'll get to Alaska on this trip and I'm not too sure we'll be able to make it to Arkansas, either, but you never know.

after our stay in SLC, we'll drive up to the top of the US west coast and then down to northern Cali. since M hasn't contacted any potential interviewees out there yet, so I'm not yet sure how long we'll be where, or when, other than my vaguely sketched out ideas.

I do know we'll be in California a long while. M has many potential interviewees and we've got family and friends galore. also, it's California. land of my heart.

(it is entirely possible and indeed even likely that we shall be in California for my birthday! yay!!!!)

and then our flight to Australia is at the end of December.

and that's the rest of our travel for this year, that I know of, so far. o0