autumnal ideas

once again it's autumn and I have a million creative ideas swirling around my head. lol

last night's bath epiphany: add the courses I've already created/ books I've already written as reward levels on my Patreon!

that of course was followed up by a few minutes of beating myself up for not doing enough with those already created things. not archiving them. not getting them out there. not continuing. sigh. but I'm getting better at moving on when I start beating myself up for things like this. reminding myself that my worth is not tied to what I do but to who I am.

then my brain went into new ideas, like it always does (this is why I create things and then create more things - this is how my brain works. and I love it, I do, as long as I can keep the "beating myself up for not following the straight path like everyone else" to a minimum).

the new idea was something I'd thought of before but now have more of a possibility of actually being able to do, since this is our year of travel: souling the self surreal portrait sessions with people, live in person.

(the actual editing I would do on my own after. it's the fact that I can go around taking portraits of people this year while we are on the road that was the "duh" epiphany last night.)

I'm not sure how this would work. do I add it as a tier on Patreon? Etsy? A different platform entirely? Just mention it on my Instagram feed and see if anyone is interested? Have people email me?

and is this taking myself further away from what my true work is (writing)?

it's all a bunch of questions and no answers and I am 100% ok with that right now. it's autumn. the change of season always has me thinking about change.