big and little things

M brought our car in to the dealership this morning and is bringing it home now. we needed a new rear light and our sirius xm was going in and out too often. the dealership fixed it up in less than a day.

(thanks VW!)

it's little things.

I think the wedge pillow I've been using for my acid reflux has been flattened overly much because of being squished in the car. I bought a new inflatable one that arrives today. that should also give us a lot more space in our car.

(and hopefully leave me dealing with less acid reflux. I mean, obviously.)

it's the little things.

I got my flu shot a few days ago now and my arm is still a little sore. however, not getting the flu this year, knock on wood, will be totally worth a little pain in my shoulder.

it's the big things, too. not getting the flu is really important for me, as an asthmatic. that little flu shot is actually a very big dose of preventative medicine.

(the flu likes to rapidly progress to bronchitis/ pneumonia in my lungs, it's really not good. hence, I get a flu shot every year, even in the years when they don't get the exact mix of viruses just right, like last year.)