catching up to autumn

we're staying with family for awhile, here in the midwest, which means we're getting a wonderful dose of chats and cousins.

autumn is just about to drop, full stop, into the chilliness of highs in the upper 40s/ low 50s and overnight lows in the 30s. not at all my favorite weather, but better than real cold. (winter.) there's even more cold in our projected forecast.

we did bring late autumn weather clothes - I even brought a pair of vibram furoshiki boots (which fold up to just about the same size as my sneakers), but I didn't bring any swants* with me on this journey, thinking we would somehow be able to evade winter in the northern hemisphere (wishful thinking, given that we're going the northern route all the way to California). I'm thinking I may need to make a new pair. hopefully there will be a good xl men's sweater at a thrift store near me. if I decide I need to make a new pair. which I might.

(cold and I do not get along too well.)

meanwhile, today was a glorious warm rainy autumn day and we went and explored the area, going to the Field museum and having dinner at a place with a very yummy gluten free menu. we drove back to suburbia through what used to be my BIL's old neighborhood and I enjoyed the yellowing leaves as darkness fell around us. later tonight, I will probably take a bath.

we should have one more week here (plus a weekend) and then it'll be off to our next destination.

this traveling life is going quite well so far.

(knock on wood.)

knock on wood.

* the original set of instructions for making swants has disappeared from the internet, sadly. in case you want to make some of your own, this set of instructions is the best I've found. I made swants the third with this method and then went back to the original method for swants the fourth. I'm not sure which method I'll use for swants the fifth, if I do end up making some. we'll see!