cold snap musings

the first day of a cold snap is so cold. I feel like I am wearing all the layers and I'm still kind of cold.

M thinks swants would be too bulky to travel with - which is exactly why I didn't bring any with me in the first place. he suggests really good thermals or very thin snow pants. I don't know. I'm thinking of heading over to goodwill to see what kind of men's xl woolens they have. they close at 9:30. of course, that means going out into the cold. but... our sportwagen does have heated seats. hmm...

the new wedge pillow seems to help a lot, which is amazing. not waking up with a terrible taste in my mouth = priceless. of course, it is a much bigger pillow than my last one, but it is inflatable, so at least it will pack up to travel.

I booked our next airbnb today, in yet another new for me (and R) state: Wisconsin! whoa. we're hitting a lot of new places this year. so neat.

and the brightest news of what has been a rough week/ month/ long while (in terms of national news): we found gluten free cannoli today (omg, yum). we also bought gluten free challah for tonight's dinner and a quiche for tomorrow. thank goodness for dedicated gluten free bakeries.