mood ring poeming on a badlands theme

badlands surrounding
shining belief in what was
and is and always might be

the lesser side of despair
is the greater point of no
despite the badlands of time

being and interbeing, badlands
becoming discrete entities in a fallen
world; time erases comments

and breaks bad lands
into the pieces of memory
and the spaces in between


we drove through the badlands yesterday and it amazed and awed me.

I'm thinking I need to do a poem-a-day project in November. will I put it all here or on instagram or even my Patreon? I'm not sure yet. possibly some combination of the three. today needed to be here, that's what I know.

I started writing a (long-ish) blog last week after I found out about Tony Hoagland dying. (and then googled him, to make sure he hadn't had any scandals, and of course, found out he had. because he (like me) is a white, Western (American) human and white supremacy and toxic masculinity reign supreme, in our culture.

and then more shit starting piling up, grief on top of grief. more white supremacists going on shooting sprees, and the political response of the right on top of that, and then Ntozake Shange died, who is a another poetic hero of mine and now the birthright mishegas and oh, my.

grief seems to come, one on top of another, the weltschmertz of the world, grief without end.

and some weeks are just harder than others.

and I couldn't finish writing the post on Tony Hoagland (whose poetry is incredible, but who was, of course, human). and I may eventually, but it seems like that time has passed now.

and I think right now what I need most is to poem it out. and november always seems like a good month for a poeming project (since once again, I won't be able to commit to doing NaNoWriMo - novel writing is just not within my grasp at the moment.)

and so, I will poem every day, this month.

today's poem is a connected mood ring poem, something I like the idea of quite a lot. (a nonce, or made up form, if you will. mood ring poems are a thing I started writing a few years ago and usually they are quite short, haiku-ish, but connected haiku are a thing and so now, too, are connected mood ring poems with a common word, kind of like a ghazal and a haiku combined.)

and since I usually do surreal self portraits with the mood ring poems, I think I'll continue that as well. the photo project I needed.