oh macro

yesterday, sometime after dinner, my throat began to hurt. then I started feeling achier and achier, cruddy all over. I felt so awful, I went to bed without taking a bath, even though I had bought myself some favorite Lush bath items to use after we went to the movies.

I knew I needed that hour or so of sleep more than I needed a bath. and it was good. I woke up feeling and my throat felt way less sore, and I didn't feel quite as bad, though I still feel run down/ cruddy.

(it's just a virus. more than likely a cold. M reported also feeling somewhat cruddy today.)

at some point this afternoon, I looked up from my perch on the sunroom couch and saw a bunny in the backyard. I adore bunnies and after making sure everybody in the house saw the rabbit, I went downstairs to get my best telephoto lens (that also happens to be a macro lens) and snuck outside to get some photos.

I was successful in my first round of stealth photo taking, but when I moved to get a better angle, the rabbit bolted. and that's when I realized it had been a really long time since I played with (what is still) my favorite macro lens. 

(I do technically have a m43 macro-ish lens now - the 42.5mm YI lens. I like that one a lot, too, but the Tamron 90mm still outshines it for floral macro.)

oh my goodness.

it still surprises me that I forget how much I love certain things. like macro. I don't use the 90mm lens that often bc it is so large and heavy, but wow. I continue to love it best of all.

(especially flowers. always flowers. it's the colors and the texture and the imperfections. add in some buttery smooth bokeh and I am in heaven.)

so yeah. wow.

still feel kind of cruddy, but have a totally lifted mood/ spirit.

(I'm going to go throw some more of these photos to my Patreon peeps. they make great digital wallpapers. I still haven't quite figured out where to go with the Patreon, but as long as my sousters want to support me, I'll keep it in play.)