almost there

tomorrow, we load up and make one more long day's drive towards the Bay Area.



(this year, we're already home, where ever we are. this year, especially, home is ourselves. not a place, but a way of being in the world.)

Northern California, though, is a sacred place that will always be a heart-home to me. no matter how long I am away, the hills and the ocean and the forests and the valleys will always be one of my most special places, on a planet that is filled with special sacred places.

I grew up there. I am became an adult there. I fell in love there. I was married there.

(my child was not born there but has been visiting there since he was four months old and so he knows it as one of our homes as well.)

luckily for our lungs (and the land, although acid rain is a real thing and that part sucks), the weather forecast is predicting rain tonight thru Friday, which should help tremendously with the smoke in the air.

hopefully the debris flow flooding will not be too horrible. and the rain will help clear the air and contain the fires. yes.