november 2018 poeming: day 14

things you don't know you need until you get them, a prose poeming

standing on the edge of the water, with the rain misting down, after driving through the evergreen rain forest, belly filled with delicious food

an amazing extended conversation with someone who you don't know that well, but whose life mirrors yours in so many ways that figuring out the differences is even more interesting than finding out your similarities would have been

connecting to an aging punk rocker outside a rest stop who absentmindedly told you the name of punk band you'd been trying to remember a few weeks ago during a long day of driving and forgot to Google when you reached your destination

the weight of a sweet dog leaning into you as you rub the fur on his head

an unexpected glimpse of otters in the water

autumnal colors misted by fog pouring over the mountains

poeming at the end of a long day