november 2018 poeming: day 15 (the process of writing a daily poem when it doesn't come easily)

writing it out helped, so very much. also, we went to the beach for a very quick break on the drive from Seattle to Portland and the sea really really helped.

(hence the poeming last night, which published itself as today because my laptop is still on east coast time. oops.)

today's poeming. isn't coming yet. I sort of assumed it would come when I opened the page (blank pages bring their own inspiration, especially when I have an awesome image like this one). but no. not yet. keep writing. that's how it goes sometimes.

some days the poem comes easily, and some days it doesn't.

(and I still have days I forget, despite years and years of poeming every day practice.)


writing life.

artistic life, really.

some days the photos come easily and some days they don't. I don't consider it cheating, for this particular project, that I'm using a photo I made yesterday.

it's the poeming every day. and I will. I haven't gotten it yet, but I keep my fingers moving, typing and eventually it will appear, that first flash of, oh. that's what today's poem needs to be (about).



nope, still nothing. inspiration is funny that way. I have a lot to write through tonight. (some of which will be going in my personal journal: this is not all I write.)

autumn is very much in full beauty here in Portland. maybe tomorrow I will get to photo walk a little on my own through this neighborhood, which is really pretty.


...time elapses while I mess around on facebook a little...



racing towards
a shining light
daylight fades
in the rear view
a testament of
now moving
towards tomorrow


oh look. it came. my poem.

not the greatest poem, nor the most profound or even slightly, but today's poem, nontheless.

with the acrostic of "radiant" because that was the word the photo inspired in me. and then I sort of autocorrected my own poem. and it got written.

that's the thing with writing everyday: it doesn't have to be the best ever, it just has to be what got written today.

(and then I edit a little. I've edited this quite a bit. the poem, not as much, because really, doesn't it work better to have a mediocre poem in the middle of a long blog post about how it's ok to write a mediocre poem? it really is.)