november 2018 poeming: day 27

as the light
fades behind
in and out
and the sky
filters through
blue or grey
and the cold
wind sweeps
from the west
and the sounds
reflect back
birds migrating
or coming home


I'm almost ready to do a recap post, I think, of our travels so far - there's been so much going on, behind the scenes here. and yet, not really that much. when one is traveling like we are, travel becomes everyday. and I love that about this year; it might be one of my favorite things.

still, there's lots going on, even though we're staying in one place for a month.

there's flights left to be booked (one I did book today, our flight to New Zealand from Australia, the big bar mitzvah trip in May I couldn't sort out today, but I need to do soon so that everyone else can book their trips as well). and there's always Airbnbs to evaluate and book. and we've finally got our car scheduled to get the radio fixed (FINALLY) and next week is my 44th birthday.

and every day, this month, a poem needs to be written. and a short video clip needs to be taken.

(I finally finished putting together October's clips, which I'll put on my instagram/ tumblr/ facebook later today. last night, I showed it to M and R and my MIL and they all liked it so much, I showed them the month before, and then the month before, going all the way back to January when I started this. and when I said it was a year long project, R said, "you should keep doing it the whole time we're on this trip!" and that was really nice feedback for him to give me, when usually he's not too happy about me stopping to take photos or video clips.)

and all of this to say: it's getting late, and when I started writing, I found I had more to say than I thought I would. but now, it's time to go snuggle under the covers and watch some silly netflix show or other. and maybe take a bath later.