november 2018 poeming: day 30

uncertainly spinning
ground below, sky above
draw down into me

threads spinning together
a weaving of yes and your
invisible becoming

through the liminal spun
towards thought, towards
life, towards endlessness

grief and joy spinning
entwined in the intensity
of life as it is, this Now


oh, another gift poem! wow. sometimes they sneak up on me. especially after a few days of poem-struggle, it feels so good to hit the blank page and get a gift poem.

this one was inspired, of course, by the digital art above it. which I created yesterday and meant to use as yesterday's prompt, but didn't, because I had another poem bubble up in response to a different photo.

(which I wouldn't classify as fully a gift poem, although the ending certainly was, but to get there I had to rewrite a few more times than I would with a gift poem.)

and that's my november 2018 poeming project: complete.