November 2018 poeming: day 6

we're driving in the dark
can't see ahead of us except
for that first ten feet of pavement

driving into headlights, too bright
blinding spaces we could see
but can't, shifting focus to the side

that drive to know, to be secure
instead think about protecting
and who you can take the heat for

and who needs to stop driving
their brights turned down
stop menacing the public safety


please vote, if you are able to vote.

as a step in harm reduction, if nothing else.

(please let it lead to something else.)

I woke up feeling cruddy today, sore throat, kind of achy. another cold, I guess. blah.

and that's not helping with the "waiting to hear about the day in voting" stress/ anxiety. but we're going to see the salt lake this afternoon and timing our trip to around sunset (more or less) and that might help.

(I do love sunset - driving into SLC, I took hundreds of photos of the sunset as we drove, it was gorgeous. thank you, thank you, thank you.)

we're here in SLC about the same amount of time as we were in South Dakota, but it felt like we were there longer. here I feel like I just got here, yet it's been three days already. maybe because we drove so long on Sat to get here. I dunno.

autumn turning into winter makes time speed up, too. soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Hanukkah and then my birthday and then we'll (hopefully) see Souster B for a short winter break visit before heading to Australia.

(and spending NYE in Australia, wow. what a way to ring in a new year. thank you, thank you, thank you.)

but next we'll be in Seattle for almost an entire week, before heading down the coast (for very short visits in both Portland and Eugene). and then a longer stay in CA, where hopefully the weather won't be quite as dismal as it's been the past few weeks out here in the middle of the country.

we'll see.

meanwhile, I have swants the fifth almost completely finished. (only one last length of seam to finish up tonight, so they're wearable today, too. thank you, thank you, thank you.)

and I trust that I will be able to help the people I can help (and do my absolute best to mitigate harm for those I can't help directly). and that I can retain the flexibility to be able to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

please, thank you.

thank you.