trust: giving ourselves a lot of leeway

we're extended our stay in South Dakota for a few days, allowing M to get some editing and writing done before we head off to SLC, where he'll start his next rounds of interviews.

we're scheduling as we go, which allows us to take this kind of leeway. I didn't realize til we were here that I would find this area so breathtakingly beautiful (the clouds alone amaze me). we were able to add two nights to our reservation without any issues.

(this does mean we're driving straight through to SLC, which will be a long day's drive, but it's doable.)

last night, after I took R trick or treating in town (I had asked around to find where all the local kids go and sure enough, the street we were sent to turned out to be extremely popular), we drove over to Deadwood, to have dinner.

Deadwood was very different than M remembered it (he last visited in the 80s). they've legalized gambling and it's taken over the entire town. I'm glad we went, but it may not be worth heading back to, during the day.

(except maybe to see the cemetery? I used to have quite the fascination with Calamity Jane, and she's buried there, next to Wild Bill Hickock.)

or we might head over to the Wind Cave National Park tomorrow.

more likely, the cave. but we'll see.

we'll see.