one of my friends (who I have never met,  but have known since the early internet days of LJ) more than likely has lost everything she owns in the entire world in a fire that ripped through her little town last night. oh my f*cking goodness. I am so glad she is alive and her family is safe and she managed to rescue her animals, too. life is the most important.


oh thank you, thank you, thank you, that my friend is safe. thank you.

I had had dreams of evacuating sometime in the last few days, but I don't remember them specifically. was it last night, was it the night before last? my dreams feel apocalyptic a lot, these past few years. I am connected to the world. my cousin had to evacuate last year in one of the many CA fires, but they didn't loose their house and everything they owned. they were lucky.

and that was earlier in the year (Oct). it's already November.

I didn't expect the West to still be on fire, but there it is (this is an interactive map of the US Wildfires currently burning). November. and the West is on fire.

and now my friend has (more than likely) lost everything.

(and if I had seen this on FB last night, before I went to sleep, I would have been panicked with worry about her, as her sister - who I am also friends with - lost touch with her during the evacuation and my friend was unable to get online all night - no cell reception, no wifi - and it is only early this morning that she and her family were able to escape the burned out town. there was no cell reception all night as she (and many others) sheltered in place in the town, surrounded by firefighters. imagine all the panicked families. and for at least one family, there won't be a happy ending as there was for my friend's. another friend of a friend in my FB feed is still looking for her brother and his wife, may they be found safely. may all beings be safe.)

today I am just so very grateful that my friend is alive.