a post birthdaykah stream of thought

this year, my birthday was on hunukkah. I like to call my birthday when this happens, "birthdaykah" (which yes, I started doing after Thanksgivakah, which wow, was five years ago now). anyway, for my birthday, R stayed with his grandmas and M and I went to one of my favorite places in the world, a spa in northern ca, where we sat in hot mineral water for hours and hours (and then walked to a nice birthday meal) and it was good.

(my family started going there for day visits when I was a kid, so it is a particularly nostalgic place for me.)

last year, I started writing daily/ nightly hannukah posts, and I thought about doing that this year, but it was clear once we got the motel that I really just wanted to be in the water and float (or quietly chat with M or lean into the jets or put my feet out of the water while my body was in it... you get the point). nope, writing did not happen. except some private journaling on my ipad when I couldn't sleep.

(hormones! ugh.)

the morning we left, we each went to the pools for a little while. while I was in the hot hot pool, there was a woman sitting on the steps, on her phone.

now, let me point out that I like using (waterproof) electronics in hot water myself. my kindle oasis is great for reading in hot tubs and I am ALL for that. but this lady was clearly having to work. and I felt kind of bad for her having to work on her phone while there was all that hot water waiting to be immersed and floated in. I felt bad for her that she didn't get to relax/ just float.

and I recognized that this is a story I am telling myself.

because look: that woman is living her life and doesn't give a fig what I think of her working while she soaks her feet in a hot tub!

(also: she didn't care that we all got to listen to her half of the conversation after she called someone ten minutes later, either. but that's an etiquette/ politeness issue.)

so yeah, clearly, I needed some decompression time. and I took it and it was glorious.

and now I'm back and working (which this year means writing, and doing the prep work for our traveling - I need to book some lodging for Oz, that's my next priority).

yes. please. thank you.