connectioning: as life goes spinning by

sometimes the photo sparks the words I need to say and today is one of those days.

(photo is from last night, off the deck of my MIL's house, a self portrait I took while spinning in the sunset.)

everything is spinning. yes. time spins faster and faster, seemingly, each year, and the seasons spin around the year, and days around the seasons and moments around the days. the trick is to center yourself in the middle of the spinning, and spot yourself, somehow, so you minimize the dizziness.

almost any type of spotting works. the two I know, as a dancer, are what I'll call focus spotting and the soft gaze.

focus spotting is when you pick something outside yourself and focus on that as you turn. this is the trick wherein ballet dancers turn their heads quickly, so as to get back to the spot that they're focusing on.

or you can focus on a part of your own body (your hand, for example, if you're spinning sufi style, with your arms out in front of you, or your chest, if something else is spinning you and you can look down).

but the trick I use more is the soft gaze. this is not spotting at all, but the opposite. trying to unfocus the eyes so that the blur is all blur. looking inward instead of outward.

this is the goal in sufi spinning, but I was taught to focus on the hand first and then move to soft gaze spinning. softening the focus as one gets more practiced.

this pulling focus inward takes practice. moving from outward spotting, to inward spotting to the soft gaze unspotting.

this is the practice of being human. of spinning through time and place and things and people. pulling focus from the outer to the inner to the all. over and over again, in the order that it needs to happen.

to be here, in the center of your own existence and yet to be present in the interconnectedness of all things. paying attention to that which needs attention.

aware of our centeredness and our uncenteredness.

(we are made of star stuff and we are dust, everything and nothing, both.)

centering and uncentering ourselves
in the spinning world, spun and unspun