connectioning: childhood places

one of the neatest things about the county I (mostly) grew up in is the Civic Center, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

even as a kid, I think I recognized how very unique this building is, but I'm not sure I still didn't take it for granted. I mean, of course, the place I lived was so cool to warrant this amazing building.

though I don't remember ever seeing the inside of the building until I was an actual adult (we got our marriage certificate here, but I don't know if that was the first time I ever went to the top floors).

anyway, yesterday we took R to the library at the civic center and explained a little of the architecture to him. (and also got some cool books for him - benefit of having a grandma's library card.)

I'm not sure how much he'll absorb, but it's neat to show him all the cool places here now that he's 12.