connectioning: a poeming

making the connection

between spiral and circle, square and box
the past pulls at the future, present embedded
into unlapsed wandering forms, the immediacy
of never behind under, the pain we can't control

we say the things that say us as they break apart


another gift poem

I'm reading the political news of the day with a semi hopeful eye. a lawyer sentenced to a crime he was directed to do by his client? that screams of criminal potential to me. and yet, somehow, the cad always seems to get away with these types of things... so far. maybe no longer. we'll see.

and personally, my family has a nice couple of weeks of December left: souster B is coming for a visit next week and then we go to Australia/ New Zealand (I wish she was coming with, but alas, grad school). 

but the world is the world and there's the not good news, too. weltschmertz remains, even if parts of it seem to dim.

my heart is with the hearts of people in pain.

(when I am not in pain, I can give more to those who are in pain.)