five months in, in photos (extremely photo heavy!)

scenes from the GBA

San Francisco


my husband has been a little bit better with doing updates on how our actual trip is going. (are you reading his blog about this year/ his book? go!)

New Hampshire: America's Stonehenge 

I, on the other hand, seemed to have slipped mostly into writing poetry and snippets over here. which makes sense, that's totally my jam, but sometimes one needs to break out of a rut and do a full on overview post: so here it is!


warning: this post is gonna contain so many photos you might explode. you've been warned.

an aquaponics garden at a rest stop in Vermont!


We started the month in the greater Boston area, flew to Northern CA for one week in the middle of the month for my stepMIL's birthday party, flew back (retrieving our car from the park-and-ride) and then went to Providence for a whirlwind six days then back to the GBA.




we started out in the GBA, then went to New Hampshire, where we celebrated Rosh Hashanah and took a day trip to Maine. then up to Montreal,  where we celebrated Yom Kippur, and over to Toronto. we spent about a week in each of these locations. at the very end of the month, we headed down to St Louis.

OH-ST Louis-Champaigne-Chicagoland


St Louis to Champaigne-Urbana to Chicagoland. (Two weeks in Chicagoland, staying with M's brother and his family.) Then up to Madison, WI. At the end of the month, we took some much needed recharge days, went to WI Dells and then to Rapid City, South Dakota.

scenes from Wisconsin

(we skipped North Dakota and so it remains on my "US states I haven't been to" list, along with Alaska and Arkansas. dang it.)

scenes from South Dakota


we started the month in Rapid City and then traveled to Salt Lake City for a few days, then pushed on to Seattle. (where I didn't feel well at all - a cold? glutening? all the smoke in the air from the fires burning all throughout the west? maybe just the perils of traveling too fast bc it was cold and we wanted to get to California quickly? any way you look at it, I spent a few days in the Airbnb bc I didn't feel good.)

Wind Cave National Park (SD)

I started feeling better when we spent a few days in Portland staying with one of M's old friends and his family. then recovered even more after spending a few days in Eugene with my old friend Sh and her family. and then we were *home* in Northern CA in time for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and my birthday.

on the road to Salt Lake City


we're in Northern CA. staying in one place for almost the entire month. (admittedly, I am sort of dreaming of a side trip for next week, when Souster B arrives, but I'm not sure it will actually happen. we'll see how everyone feels.)

Antelope Island State Park (UT)

at the end of the December we're headed to Australia!!!!!

on the road to Seattle

January will be AUS-NZ-AUS, which is amazing and oh my goodness, I am looking forward to both those countries, which are places I have always wanted to go to.


but no matter how far we go, the west coast (Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington) will always be part of my heart. 

scenes from the west coast