(coming home to) sakura

it's been harder to adjust back to late winter/ early spring than I thought it would be.

(oh, summer. I miss you!)

it's been a very gray, rainy week but today the sun is shining and the sky is blue, so I took a short photo walk.

next week we'll be in Southern California, and I am looking forward to going to the theme parks with R.

(I've decided Disneyland is my happy place. but I'll happily go to Universal Studios, too.)

it's possible I picked up some crud on the plane. or maybe it really is this gray weather malaise. who knows. I'm mostly looking forward to packing on Sunday because I think we'll finally be able to consolidate the kitchen box into something more manageable.

(I'm thinking that would be a good use for my old suitcase, which I replaced before we went to AUS/ NZ.)

I love the rain, but rain and cold and gray and malaise = me not having much energy at all this week, which hasn't been the most fun thing in the world.

packing has to get done and then we'll be off on our next leg.

(I suspect that I'll be back to Northern CA sooner rather than later, since I didn't get to visit my family due to their house being impacted by all sorts of colds and flus and my not wanting to get more sick than I possibly already am.)

(which is of course a whole thing in and of itself.)

but sakura make most things better (except when they can't) and so they do, right now, lifting my spirits.

along with the rosemary and the orchids and azaleas and daffodils and all the other blooming beauty in our current neighborhood.

oh, the beauty of this impermanent, fragile, pain and joy filled, glorious world.