catching up (Cambridge!)

scenes from Cambridge, taken with my new-to-me LX100. 

I bought a used LX100  before we left so that I could travel lighter and simplify my needing-to-make-decisions process during our two month, UK/Israel adventure. not having extra lenses is making a difference in how much I use my camera. I don't have to think as much about what to bring with me as I walk out the door. I have one camera and it fits in my purse (or sits at my hip attached to me by my sling strap). 

this really helps with my decision burnout. 

(I'm sure I'll have more to say about that issue after this traveling year is over in August, but right now I'm in the thick of it. and there's no way out but through. simplifying helps. so that's what I'm doing.)

the LX100 is proving itself to be exactly the camera I need right now, too. it's got just enough complexity to keep me engaged in figuring it out but is not so difficult that I get overly frustrated. I love the controls and the layout and the ease. I'm using my camera again, instead of leaving it behind. 

and the images!

it helps that spring is my absolute favorite. 

we arrived just in time for our 3rd (or 4th?) spring this year. the sakura here are glorious - just past peak now. I get a thrill every time I see another flowering tree. I love them so. 

yesterday we took advantage of the blue skies and warmth (the last bit for awhile, as a cold front/ storm moved in today) and went punting on the river Cam. I had always assumed "punting" had to do with kicking a ball around, but no: it's a type of boat that gets pushed along by pole! (similar to a gondola, imo.)

such fun. 

(and "far more relaxing than I thought it would be" according to R.)

(and "quite a workout" according to M, who did all the work.)

now I'm kind of looking forward to some "proper" English spring weather (chill, gray, rainy). I know it'll get old after awhile, but it's really what I think of when I think of this country. we'll see. 

we'll see, indeed.