NaPoWriMo 2019: day 30

we've snapped snatched
the round about towards
fittingly seeming and the sky
is gold beyond the borders
of reason and terribly fit
into wilderness and wilding
and the after yes of wherever


[sometimes I talk about my poeming process, if this bores you, skip ahead, there's #nomadicsabbatical updates later on!]

this poem came out of the image - I was making waterlogues of various photos that I took Sunday during our castle explorations (more about that later) and then this photo of a village from the passenger side of the car had half the scene "missing" which reminded me of the "snap" from Infinity War (and we saw Endgame of course, on Friday) and the phrase, "we've snap snatched" just sprang up in my mind. 

from there, the poem writes itself, phrase by phrase. it's very much free association and also some in the moment thinking about meaning. 

(and having to correct some mistypings. I think "is gold" came out, "it's good" in the typing at first, which is all wrong.)

and I still really like the sound of that phrase, "snap snatched." it's very Jabberwocky-ish. 


we're very much enjoying England so far! from Cambridgeshire we drove north to Yorkshire where we've been exploring 12th century castle  ruins: so awesome. (I put loads of photos on Instagram.)

the weather did indeed turn cooler since I posted last and it's been fine - I expected England to be chilly, so I've got appropriate clothes with me. it's nice to go adventuring and then have hot beverages to warm us up. (or have hot beverages and then go adventuring! lol)

rural England is very bucolic and English in its prettiness. I quite love it. 

the sakura (the big fluffy pink most sakura of the sakura) are still in bloom here, though they're starting to rain pink. oh, it's lovely. 

we've seen pheasants and rabbits and a plethora of cows and sheep. 

(it's very reminiscent of parts of New Zealand, but without the awe and grandeur of the mountains and the changing landscape.)

as we drove north, we all noticed how Middle Earth it all is. 

and we're loving the old castle ruins. 


this is the penultimate leg of our year long journey (sort of) and it's beginning to get real that at some point in the late summer we'll be resituating ourselves in a new apartment/ house. in one place. for at least a year's lease. this was our normal up until last summer but right now it seems almost inconceivable! how could we stay in one place that long?

but there's another part of me that's looking forward to it (not having to make all these constant decisions about where to go next/ what Airbnb to rent next - it gets draining, especially when we're moving quickly). 

still, this traveling life feels very natural and right. just right, in the best way. it's just what we do. which is why not doing it seems unlikely. but there it is. this year is one of the great gifts we've gotten in our lives. it feels like it should continue, somehow. and yet that's not how academia works. 

(obviously we'll still still travel a lot after we get back. although I'll be happy to not go on another ultra long airplane trip for awhile - they are very draining. though I do want to go to Japan. and back to Africa. and oh, Greece should be lovely. And maybe Iceland? so, yes, traveling is and remains one of my big passions.)


meanwhile, here we are. two more weeks in England and then on to Israel where R will have his bar mitzvah. 

(oh, my heart.)

how this tiny being that once grew inside me could be almost 13 already. 

time flies. and yet the days pass so slowly. and so quickly. oh, time. 

oh, time, indeed.