"its the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)"

castle ruins remind me that life is impermanent. dandelions remind me that life is regenerative. 

everything falls apart. 

everything is seemingly falling apart faster and with greater urgency and apocalyptic doom at the moment, politically and socially speaking. 

(the moment being the last five or ten years.)

the news from the USA is a trash fire. we left a month ago and it scares me how much more might fall apart in the next month before we return. how many states have seemingly out of the blue passed extremely restrictive anti-abortion radically fascist anti-personal-liberty (and dangerously misogynistic) laws? I've almost lost count. 

it's all so triggering, as someone who has had an abortion. I didn't make that decision lightly and I grieve for my waterbaby, but it was absolutely the right decision. 

and as someone who also had a second trimester miscarriage - when these States are looking at making even first trimester miscarriages somehow illegal - it's even more triggering and scary. 

I don't think the term scary is strong enough for what's going on in the States (and around the world)  right now. 

extinction level climate breakdown. 
trade wars that threaten to blow up. 
increasing surveillance and policing
a ramping up of violence and hate

and here I am, celebrating my teenager's bar mitzvah in Israel - a country that should be dedicated to freedom and social justice and clearly, clearly is mostly politically not. (of course, some people are! just as some people in the USA remain committed to anti-fascism and anti-fascism work.)

"next year in Jerusalem, the city of peace at peace" we say each year at Passover - and may that dream come true in my lifetime. it hasn't yet. 

politically speaking, where I am and where I'm from are peas in a pod right now and it scares me. 

and yet, I do feel this soul-returning spiritual yesness here. as I do in many other places around the globe, California included. 

the earth is our home. this planet. this globe. 

this oneness that splits apart into many. this oneness that we have split apart into (too many) multitudes. 

the ocean is all one body of water, relatively interconnected, yet we have split it into (three or) five parts. 

our continents used to be one and split apart over a vast amount of time, but we humans have divided them even further. our concept of language is in and of itself, divisive. 

(see the movie Arrival for a linguistic reimagining of our current conceptions of time. imagine a further reimagining of space! the movie Interstellar almost got there, but not quite. maybe a rewatch is in order. I was so disappointed that they imagined a non-earth home for humanity, I may have overlooked the paradigm shift they did imagine. hmmmm...)

I go back to the REM lyric. 

"it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)."

the world is seemingly falling apart, all the time. and even while it falls apart, it is regenerating. life finds a way. 

(this way may or may not include humans or mammals or fish or... but life will find a way.)

right now, I am not in a personal crisis (aside from being triggered and depressed and anxious by what's going on in the world!). that will change - everything changes. but right now, I am (and my little family is) fine. 

(and so, right now, I continually pledge to help others be/come fine.)

find a falling apart and work towards repairing it. do the work I can do. 

that's tikkun olam, repair of the world. 

we have one home. we are one people. the sooner we stop the destruction of one (the Earth or our fellow humans) the sooner we will stop the destruction of the other (our fellow humans, being destroyed by social injustice, war, poverty and fascism or the Earth by pollution, greed, consumerism and ignorance). 

enjoy feeling fine when you can. help others feel fine. 

(use your privilege when and where you have it!)

who can say how things will fall apart? we know they will. we live on the edge of doom, us all-too-fragile humans. stop ignoring the doom and start (or keep) working. 

to quote another song (this one especially beloved by my teenager who is deeply into "old school" rap):

"you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow."