the after year

last year, on the road, was intense and amazing. truly a once in a lifetime adventure, but just as truly only one more adventure in our lives of adventure, which continue .

we are home now, all our boxes are unpacked and we are settling into the routine of our daily lives living in one place.

I had thought that might be difficult, and it is, a little (being human, and liking adventure and disliking that winter is coming).

what I hadn't counted on was how much I would need stability again, after an extremely rough June and July.

(there will be a time when I can write more about that publicly. that time is not now.)

over the next couple of months, I will be writing more about the process of our year, possibly doing more recaps and musing over what I learned along the way.

I have a lot of catching up to do and I'm in a place to do that now.

we're already planning new adventures, too, so those might come up in my writing as well. as well as some old-school "me writing about what I need to tell myself" types of posts.

(I'm pretty sure I'll need a lot of those over the next year, and oh, am I grateful to myself for having written so much during and after my previous rough patches because it makes a difference to be able to go back and read my own words! thank you, thank you, thank you!)

meanwhile, I am grateful for the year of adventure we created for ourselves.

meanwhile, I am grateful for the lives we have created that give us the ability to have these adventures and also participate in the healing of the world.

meanwhile, I am grateful for the possibility of more adventures, where ever they may lead us.

meanwhile, I am grateful for love. oh, how I am grateful for love. yes, please, thank you.

yes, the finding of heart stones continues. not that I need signs to know the deep love in my life, but it is nice to be given signs sometimes.

I do not expect heart stones - and I do not keep all the heart stones I find! - but they are a signpost to me that I am on a path of love and that means a lot to me this summer.

a path of self love and love for the world. a path of healing love and righteous love. a path of socially just love. a path of cleansing love. a path of amazing love. a path of b'shert love and a path of caring love. a making the love I need in the world path and a path of finding the love I need in the world.

yes, please, thank you.