oh yes, autumning has begun

I arrived back from our labor day weekend to find that leaves of many of the trees in our area have begun changing color.

the autumning of the world had begun, once again.

in the past, autumn has been difficult for me. I didn't like the cold. I didn't look forward to snow shoveling or leaf raking. life in an apartment changed a lot of that, because not having to do outdoor chores meant enjoying the outdoors more.

this year, I find my relationship with autumn adjusting even more. I'm not sure where it is going, only that I don't feel the dread of winter coming that I used to.

(I can survive winter. I can survive almost anything. I survive. it's what I do. and more than that, I thrive, because that's what I made survival teach me, how to thrive. eventually.)

and so now, autumn can be one of my four favorite seasons (lol but also, for real). that's a huge shift. a paradigm shift, really. it feels like the world has opened itself up to me, yet again.

and it's a shift towards freedom. towards healing. towards wholeness.


thank you.

(thank you. thank you.)